Focused and Timely Retail Solutions Ensure Your Product Sells

Once your product is on the shelf, it’s time to give it some extra attention to ensure it sells and keeps selling.  Our national in-store service team helps you maintain and monitor your products and programs at store level – from POG integrity to merchandising to demonstrations, CLA provides a one-stop solution for all of your retail needs.
CLA is your in-store eyes and ears.  We provide opportunities and insights designed to keep your products moving! We visit each major pet specialty retail location at least once per month, and many other locations even more often. In fact, we average over 90,000 store visits and 315,000 in-store hours per year.

The CLA Retail Services Advantage:

  • Motivated associates who are focused on and highly-trained in pet specialty
  • Proven end-to-end client service program
  • Execution and quality assurance monitoring
  • Scalable, retail data-driven service programs
  • Retail initiative scorecard monitoring
  • Proven brand ambassador process
  • Multi-system training process

Assisted Selling


Assisted selling provides your brand sales presence at retail.  We help you drive sales at the store through in-store training, demo’s, interactions, and other consumer-facing activities. Our objective is to grow your sales and brand directly with consumers while in the pet store. More



Pet merchandising programs work together to execute any merchandising objective in retail stores.  Our team makes over 90,000 retail visits annually, representing over $1 billion in pet sales. We provide merchandising, resets, POP placement, new store set-ups and more.  More

Grassroots Marketing


Through our brand and experiential marketing programs, we work at the grassroots level to get your products and brand in front of the consumers.  We interact with consumers at dog parks and beaches, and also attend large pet events such as dog walks and pet expos. More