Assisted Selling Builds Your Brand and Drives Sales

Over 70% of purchase decisions are ultimately made at the shelf, so this is one place where you absolutely want to make sure your brand’s message is heard and understood.  Done correctly, shopper engagement at the shelf provides an opportunity to both grow sales and drive brand awareness – it’s also a great way to train the store’s sales associates on your products.

It’s a win-win-win!

We are experts in assisted selling and conversion at the point of purchase.  Our brand ambassadors grow your brand and sales by engaging shoppers in the store, delivering your message, demonstrating & sampling your products, and selling your brand!  While we’re in the store, we’ll also train the store associates and ensure your product is in-stock and set correctly on the shelf.

We’ll help you develop your own customized assisted selling engagement program, and roll it out to any U.S. pet store.

Assisted Selling Drives In-Store Sales