Our Associates Are Talking…

“After 13 years at CLA I can truly say I still enjoy coming to work every day.  Having been part of CLA’s growth & change, it is nice to see that the loyalty to its employees and ensuring that we have a true work/life balance is still important to the CLA Team.
CLA also allows each of us to have a voice regardless of our position. I always know that there is someone I can reach out to so I can share my suggestions, observations or concerns. CLA is a great company to work for and I am happy to say that I have recommended CLA to other associates over time & they too are happy to be part of the CLA family.  As CLA has grown we are also given the opportunity to advance into new roles. Lastly I would say that I have always felt the appreciation for my efforts and would always recommend CLA as a first class company and employer. Thank you CLA.”
Jennifer, Sales Support Manager
“What I enjoy most about working for Chuck Latham Associates is the people and the work/life balance.   I have worked in previous jobs where my quality of life was jeopardized by the exceeding amount of hours that were expected.  With CLA, I put in a full week’s worth of work and feel that I have participated in the growth of the company and my time and effort is appreciated.  The expectations of my current position as Account Manager continue to challenge me, which is very important.  Also, the ability to bring my dog, Hershey, to work with me occasionally is a plus!”
Diana, Account Manager
“I had worked in this industry for several years before coming to CLA and can say, without a doubt, that Chuck Latham Associates is the pick of the litter.  No other company supports those of us in the field as well as CLA.  This was the first company I worked for where although I was working remotely, any questions I might have dealing with a store issue or project could be answered quickly and clearly by my manager.  She gets out into the field and knows what I deal with.  She shares many helpful tips and tricks so we can more easily and efficiently complete our projects and assignments.  She says we’re like a family.
Over the years, I’ve pet many dogs, met many wonderful pet store associates and pet owners and have made many friendships at CLA. My DM is right.  It’s more than just a job; it’s like family.”
Sue C., Assisted Sales Representative
“I have been with CLA for over 6 years, I truly enjoy working here.  I started as a part time RSA and I am currently a DM in the Mid-West. I have also had the opportunity to work with one of our largest clients. I appreciate working for a Company that looks within to promote first.  Chuck Latham Associates is definitely a second family to me.  I plan to have many more years here at CLA.  Thank you for the opportunity.”
Tammy V., District Manager
“I feel so blessed to have a job doing what I love. (Teaching my stores and customers how to properly take care of their pets.) Meeting new people and there pets every day. Finding out what they love about the product I am promoting and sharing it with others. Learning new things on how to better take care of my pets so I can help others.  Having a great support team is a plus!!! My boss Chris and Awesome helper Deanna are the BEST!!!! I absolutely love the opportunities I have had working for CLA and look forward to many more years to come.”
Sonja P., Assisted Sales Representative 
“Working at CLA is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing me to work flexible hours. I managed to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family.  The opportunity to work with such a diverse company has been invaluable.  We all strive for excellence as a company and when working with our clients.
Over my 10 years of employment, I have had the opportunity to grow with the company and have the pleasure of working for an amazing District Manager.
Our management team is very good in making sure that communication, a key factor, suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process.
Thank you CLA for the opportunities I have experienced over the years.”
Pamela B., Senior Retail Sales Associate
“I have been working for CLA as the Payroll Manager for several years and I must say it is a great place to work! From the people I work with to having flexibility are invaluable. A major plus is allowing dogs in the office. Our furry family brings so much joy to the workplace!”
Antinett S., Payroll Manager