Know How to Sell Your Products into Independent Pet Stores?

Independent pet stores make up a full third of pet specialty sales across thousands and thousands of retail locations. These stores are widely considered the key proving grounds for successful pet products and brands, so if you want to make it in pet, you’ll need to make it here first.
Independent is one of the fastest growing parts of the pet business, but also the most complicated to navigate:
  • Do you know how to get your message out there?
  • Do you know how to provide stores and distributors with all the tools and support they need to make your product successful (e.g., ISO Discounts, Coop Funds, Promo Funds, Displays, Power Wings, Employee Incentives, Sampling, SPIFs, etc.) and still make money yourself?
  • Do you know how to work within the three-tier pricing matrix at play in Independent Pet & still leave room for marketing support?

CLA Can Help!

We are uniquely structured with strategically-located teams across the country that provide a combined approach to meet your sales objectives: our Account Managers call on Headquarters, while our Territory Managers focus on distributor pull-through via direct store calls, distributor ride-alongs and product training.

360 degree coverage BROWN

Key services we provide in Independent Pet:

  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Support
  • Account Sales Calls
  • Distributor Ride-a-Longs
  • Independent Retail Store Visits
  • Distributor Trade Show Coordination
  • Monthly Activity Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Research & Insights